jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2011

Dominant Species JUEGO DEL AÑO !!!

Pues sí señores, esta maravilla de juego (que forma parte de mi ludoteca personal) ha sido galardonada con el 2011 Golden Geek Winner.

En palabras de GMT:

I want to send a hearty CONGRATULATIONS to Chad Jensen (Designer), Kai Jensen (Developer), and all the testing, art, and production teams on Dominant Species' recent BGG Golden Geek Game of the Year award for 2011. As BGG continues to grow and embed itself as a vital information and communications link in this hobby, with tens of thousands of users, these awards grow in significance, in that they represent a much larger body of gamers. We are proud of all our Dominant Species team for creating such a cool game that so many people love to play.

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